Sunday, June 5, 2011

Samuel's Fire Truck Birthday

Samuel turned 3 years old on May 27th.  He is in love with all things cowboy and fire trucks.  He asked for a "fire truck birthday" and we bought him a his first cowboy hat and toy gun.
His actual birthday was on Friday and we celebrate as a family with firetruck cookies and presents before heading over to some friends house to swim. 
On Sunday after Church we ate pizza ate our favorite local pizza place and then headed to his party at the fire station in town.  The birthday boy grinned from ear to ear the whole time.  He loved seeing all the fire trucks, eating cake and opening presents from his friends.  It was a blast to watch him have so much fun! I LOVE you Samuel Sanborn Krum!

Rebekah's 1st birthday

Monday May the 9th she had heart surgery and Saturday May 14th she turned one year old.  WHAT A WEEK!!
Recovery from the surgery went well at home, we could once again get out and about.  So we planned a FULL weekend for her birthday.  Saturday after her morning nap we took our kids to the park to celebrate the birthday girl with some yummy cupcakes and swing time.  Then after the park we attended a high school graduation party for another sweet Rebekah that we know.  Sunday was our first day back at Church since her diagnosis and then another friends birthday party in the afternoon.  We had a lot to celebrate and we partied HARD all weekend :)

Rebekah's surgery

We spent the morning  of  Rebekah's heart surgery holding her tight and meeting the team that would be taking care of her during the procedure.  They explained their part in the event and answered any questions that we had. 
I am sure that May 9th is a date that will always stick out on the calendar to me.  It was the day that I had to watch Trey hand our precious baby girl over to the nurse who would then walk her into the Operating room for her balloon valvoplasty.  All Trey and I could do was hold on to each other, turn our backs and walk away.  Although she seemed to be a very sweet lady, she was still a stranger that we had met only a few hours before. This was by far one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! Still weeks later it brings tears to my eyes and I get a giant lump in my throat just reliving the moment.  I am so thankful that I had my faith and my wonderful strong husband to hold onto during that time.   
When we left Rebekah we headed down the elevator to the waiting room, where our sweet friend Paula met us. There we sat and first thing we did was get online to send out updates.  I was immediately overwhelemed by the numbers of people that we saw that were already lifting up our girl and her procedure.  What a comfort God's people were to me during this time.  Just knowing that we could join together in prayer, no matter where we were,  and pray for Rebekah and that a living God was hearing my prayers... Such comfort!
We waited for our hourly updates.  Not only were we delighted to hear that things were going very smoothly at hour 1 but we were elated that at our 2 hour update the team had completed what was estimated to be a 3 hour procedure.  We were moved into a meeting room to have a personal update from the surgeon himself.  He explained all they did and gave us her new pressure levels as of post op. Praise the Lord that they were able to fix her valve so easily.   He then instructed us to wait for one final call that they were ready for us up in recovery.
We held our breaths for just a few more minutes and then recieved the call to head upstairs to be with our baby girl.  We walked to her bed to see her laying there, waking from anesthesia, white as a sheet.  I was so glad to see her little face but she looked so pitiful.  The nurses immediately let me hold her then I handed her off to Trey, Shepherd needed to go potty :) We then spent the 6 hours of recovery taking turns holding Sweet Rebekah while the anesthesia wore off.  She started to perk up at about hour 4 we were released after 6 hours of observation. 
We are thankful that the surgery went so smoothly and without any complications.  I know that the Lord used this event to bring Himself glory.  I am honored that the Lord not only used it in my life,  but we also know that He used it in the lives of others that we know.   

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer is here

On Cinco De Mayo I took the kids on an imprompto trip to Stewart Beach for the day.  We had been staying home so that Rebekah would not get sick before her surgery.  This seemed like the perfect place to have some fun together before the procedure.  It was a weekday so it wasnt crowded and it was outdoors.  The Big kids had been missing out on a lot of activities so that we could keep R from getting sick, so I felt they deserved a fun day in the sun.  We had a great time with our friend Paula. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shepherds visit with the specialist

Since we now have a child that that has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, my OB wanted us to have Shepherd's heart checked as a precaution.  He referred us to a Specialist in The Woodlands for a high level ultrasound and possible inutero echo cardiogram.  The Wednesday after Easter, while Abigail, Hannah and Samuel were still with my parents, we had our appointment.  The sonographer that works for the OB was very knowledgeable and thuro.  The Doctor really thought that they got some great images from the ultra sound and that Shepherd's heart looks fine.  So, she did not see a need for the echo.  Praise the Lord for what appears to be a healthy heart for our little man.
4D ultrasound picture of our little man.  Cant wait to meet Shepherd Sanborn Krum

Rebekah's surgery consult

Trey, Rebekah and I left Corpus Christi the early on the Monday morning after Easter.  The big kids got to have have their first visit at MeMe and PawPaw's without us.  We left them there for a couple extra days because #1 my mom and Dad where willing to keep them and #2 we had a couple of Dr. appointments for the babies that we could not take them to. 
On Monday afternoon we had our first appointment with Rebekah's surgeon at Texas Childrens Hospital Downtown.  The appointment went GREAT, it was long but that was to be expected. They did an additional chest X-Ray and then with had the consult with Dr. Petit.  We also met with his nurse after we visited with him.  All of the information was communicated very clearly and consisely.  They called us the very next day with the date of her procedure.  I am very thankful that my parents watched the kids b/c the waiting would have been stressful with the additional kids tagging along.  Here are some pics for the appointment. 
In the waiting room.  One of the nurses fell for the adorable smile and brought Rebekah out a teddy bear.  I dont judge her that smile gets me ALL the time.

Playtime with Daddy while we wait for the Doc.  I love that man! The one in the picture not the Doc :)

Easter 2011

We love to celebrate Easter in Corpus Christi with my parents.  It is a wonderful time with family and a great way to usher in Spring with the warm temps and all the water.  This year the big kids were little fish at my parent's swim club and we also enjoyed a couple parks.  Resurrection day was a great day of celebration that consisted of Resurrection rolls, Church, Easter egg hunts and playing at the park.  We had a Wonderful time away from East texas with MeMe and PawPaw.